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Barrier Kaiowá and Guarani 2020

The kaiowá and Guarani barriers is a self-organizing community that was formed during the year 2020 with the arrival of the Coronavirus Pandemic in indigenous territories.

The objective of sanitary barriers is to monitor the circulation of people from other indigenous and non-indigenous communities in Tekohás in times of the coronavirus pandemic and to raise awareness about the means of preventing covid19.

Maintained through donations, through the online emergency campaign Kaiowá and Guarani, and many other solidarities that help prevent and strengthen indigenous communities.

They are part of the sanitary barriers: women, nhandesys, nhaderus, university students, leaders, teachers and young people in the community. They are divided into shifts, and continue to monitor their tekohas, one of the only actions that in practice worked for the non-expansion of the virus in the Kaiowá and Guarani territories.

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