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Our VOICE will echo in Brasília for 19 days! 

The strength, resistance, songs and prayers of the Kaiowá and Guarani women return to echo in the federal capital.  

We Women of the Council of Kuñangue Aty Guasu - Grand Assembly of Kaiowá and Guarani/MS Women, will be in camps, assemblies and manifestations present with our bodies, our voices and our ancestry!  

The walk begins on August 23, with the arrival of our I delegation to the Camp A Struggle for Life, where indigenous leaders from all over the country will be present in the fight against the Temporal Framework and the Bill 490/07, now on the agenda at the National Congress. And we will return to our ancestral territories, after the end of the II March of Indigenous Women, on September 11, 21 .  

For the first time in history, the Assembly of Kaiowa and Guarani Women, our main space of voice, fights for indigenous women's rights and diagnosis of the reality that we Kaiowa and Guarani women live in our daily lives, will take place outside our Tekoha (sacred territory), of the recovery area in MS, Brasília/DF.  

We came through this to make official the invitation of the Matriarcas Kaiowá and Guarani, join us, this fight belongs to all of us. Receive our official invitation and our resistance hug.

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