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OKA Observatory Launch Schedule

18:00 - Opening

Prayer by Nhandesy Rosely

  07 minutes of prayer



MC Anaranda - rap from feminicide - 05 minutes minutes minutes  


18:12 - Talk about Aranduhá

Presentation of the map of violence, data on cases of religious intolerance, the Raíssa case, the burning of houses in the repossessions, the persecution of women on the front lines, etc.


OKA, in confronting violence, building survival resistances.  


18:22 - Speech by Sonia Guajajara

Reforesting minds is urgent!

10 minutes


18:32 - Speech by counselor Kaiowá, Rosicleide

05 minutes

The importance of expanding our network in the fight against violence.


18:37 - Talks from companion Telma Taurepang straight from Roraima

05 minutes

Strengthen the struggle of Indigenous Women in the face of climate crises.


18:42 - Speech by counselor Kaiowá Valdineia 

05 minutes

The importance of a legal network to support women victims of violence.  


18:47 - Talk by partner Braulina Baniwa

05 minutes 

Strengthen indigenous women's national networks in the fight against violence.


18:52 - Talk by counselor Clara - Mboy Jegua

05 minutes

Seams of care in Struggle: The native woman and the struggle in the resumption.


18:57  - Speaks of the companion Tsitsina Xavante 

05 minutes

The place of speech, the representation of indigenous women matters!


19:02 - Speech by counselor Vanderleia Guarani

05 minutes

Collective health care for Kaiowá and Guarani women.


19:07  - Speaks of the companion Célia Xakriabá 

05 minutes

Sowing seeds of resistance: Healing the earth is healing ourselves.


19:12 -  Aranduhá presents the registration details to be part of the OKA

05 minutes


19:17 - Talk, pray and close with the nhandesy.  

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